Sbrisolona Cake with ice cream is a real pleasure to which, once tried, you will not be able to resist: two different textures that meet each other, and create a perfect balance of flavours, that will surprise you at every bite.

This Cake is the symbol of Mantuan pastry. Made with very few ingredients and enriched with almonds, it’s a true example of versatility in cooking.

Today we want to suggest you a real delicious combination: Sbrisolona Cake with pistachio and chocolate ice cream! Ready to try it?


  • 1 Bottoli Sbrisolona Cake
  • Good quality pistachio and chocolate ice cream
  • Some pistachio from Bronte (Italy)


The process to prepare this simple dessert is really fast, so you can enjoy it every time:

  1. The first thing to do is to choose where to serve the dessert. We recommend you a small glass but you can easily experiment with something else;
  2. now take the Sbrisolona Cake and crumble some little pieces on the bottom of the glass, to create a thin layer. You can also enrich it with some grains of pistachios from Bronte;
  3. then it’s time for ice cream: first of all create a generous layer of chocolate ice cream and then another one of pistachio ice cream;
  4. as a final touch, decorate the surface with some other crumbles of Sbrisolona Cake and enjoy it!

Now you just have to try the recipe and let us know how it was.