We make bread you can eat anytime, anywhere.

This phrase guided us (and still does) in everything we do. Our Schiacciatina was born thanks to this idea and it became a symbol of tradition, quality and versatility. It is, not for nothing, the true symbol of the Snack Generation: appetizing, crunchy, with a low caloric intake and very easy to bring with you. In short, it is suitable for everyone, starting from children to athletes, in any part of the day, as a snack or as a bread substitute during meals.

Our ability to keep on reinventing bread – interpreting (and often anticipating) the changes in lifestyle, tastes and food requirements – is what has brought us to where we are today, with a range of products for every need: Schiacciatina, Bruschette and Sbrisolona Cake.

But there’s more!


Our territory gave us a lot, and we want to do something in return. That is why we sustain numerous charitable activities and in our Company we use 100% green certified energy, therefore clean and environmental friendly.

We also believe in the need to guarantee our Consumers, products in line with their food requirements: this is why we have also studied vegan and halal formulations, and we can realize kosher productions.

We also have to mention cycling, which is one of our family’s passions. Why this sport? Because we share its motivation

never let fatigue defeat you, and pursue with resolution your goals

We have always believed in this sport. We started sponsoring amateur teams, then youth teams and then beginners, with results that make us very proud: more than 1.500 victories and about a hundred cyclist that from beginners became professionals, which brings the Company, and Mantua, in the first place as Italian sponsor in competitive cycling.