Bottoli, continues to compete

Owner Angelo Bottoli declared “One again this year, this project has given us immense satisfaction, and we have managed to complete a cycle whereby teenagers with whom we have worked patiently over the years, have now reached a level of athletic and psychological maturity to be able to become professionals. I am particularly proud of this, not just because we love winning, but because the real aim of our work is to help young talented cyclists to express their potential and to arrive at the big races prepared.

BOTTOLI achievements in the field of cycling since 1975:
1975-1980 CYCLE TOURING:
• 1979 – Italian Championship of Cycle Touring

(ranging from cadets to juniors):
• JUNIORS: around 100 victories

• 700 road race victories
• 100 track victories

• 62 victories

Italian track championships:
Cattaneo, Menin, Marzoli, Alberio, Malori, Coledan, Bertazzo, Pelucchi, Nizzoli.

Giro d’Italia Youth category:

European Championships – Road, time-trials and track:
Bertolini, Marzoli, Malori, Alberio.

World Championships – Road and time-trials:
1994: Bertoletti e Romio – 1997: Malberti – 2000: Petrov (time-trial) – 2000: Petrov (road) – 2003: Callegarin (road) – 2004: Bettoni – 2006: Gonchar (professional time-trials) – 2008: Malori = totale 10

Victories in multi-stage events:
Valle d’Aosta, Giro di Toscana, Pesche Nettarine, multi-stage events in Spain and in Brazil for Alberio in 2010

Recent victories in road and time-trials:
n°44 in 2008 – n°56 in 2009 – n°57 in 2010.

Rankings in 2010:
54 second places – 317 top 10 places

International and National races, winning 5 medals at the Italian track championships and snatching the gold medal for Marco Coledan in the team pursuit discipline. Coledan and Bertazzo were awarded two bronze medals at the European track championships in Russia. Gold went to Zhupa at the Albanian time-trial championships with Stocco grabbing the bronze medal in the Italian time-trial championships. Nizzolo snatched fifth place in the European road championships in Turkey. Crowning off the amazing season, Graziato participated at the world championships in Australia. Team Manager : Mirko Rossato.

Racers who have now turned professional: 65
Alberio, Baggio, Bongioni, Bertazzo, Bertoletti, Boaro, Caccia, Cadamuro, Cannone, Cassani, Crepaldi, Conechili, Contoli, Daniello, De Matteis, De Paoli, Gavazzi, Giambecucci, Graziato, Grendene, Gualdi, Malberti, Moreni, Nizzolo, Pagani, Pelucchi, Pionegonda, Righi, Salomone, Scalmana, Solari, Vanni, Zampieri, Zen.

Team 2015 Bottoli General Store Zardini

  1. Andrea Cordioli
  2. Enrico Logica
  3. Mirco Maestri
  4. Isaia Modena
  5. Nicola Poletti
  6. Kolya Shumov (1994).
  7. Raffaello Bonusi
  8. Filippo Calderaro
  9. Matteo Caliari
  10. Alessandro Fedeli
  11. Davide Gaburro
  12. Giovanni Guglielmi
  13. Giovanni Lonardi
  14. Umberto Marengo
  15. Francesco Rigon
  16. Andrea Zanardini
  17. Michele Zorzan
  18. Marco Zumerle