An eye to the future

For today’s wellness, and for tomorrow’s too, we reduced our plastic packagings by a 75% in favour of paper ones. We use certified paper in respect of the supply chain for the safeguard of forests, populations and biodiversity that inhabit them.

A world without waste

We use 100% recyclable material and reduce water waste, to safeguard everything around us and minimize the environmental impact. Good for you, good for the planet.

Love for the environment

We put our responsibility for the environment in every phase of the production. We want our plants to have zero impact, that is why we use energy that comes from renewable sources like water, sun and wind.

Responsible tastiness

We believe in being “green” at 360 degrees, that is why we support projects of clean energy and zero emissions. Our daily commitment is to reduce the environmental impact originating from the transportation of our products and to incentivize the sustainable mobility of our collaborators.

Cleca Spa

Paid-in Capital: € 1.000.000,00 i.v.

Registered Office: Viale Dante Alighieri 30 - 46010 - San Martino dall'Argine (MN)
Administrative Office: Viale Dante Alighieri 30 - 46010 - San Martino dall'Argine (MN)
VAT: 00395030208
Rea: MN 130365

N.Reg.Impr. MN 130365