The perfect combination of flavour and tradition

Just a few and simple ingredients are needed to make a classic dessert unique and inimitable. With its unmistakable aroma, authentic taste and its crunchiness, our Sbrisolona makes everyone fall in love! We put all our passion in the artisanal preparation, just as the most ancient tradition demands, that is why it is so good and genuine. If you want to enjoy its most traditional side, you can dip it in some grappa or serve it with sweet wine or a good coffee. Not only that, it can become your secret to prepare many different desserts with a pinch of originality like cheesecake, crumble or pies.


The Mantuan Sbrisolona owes its name to the term “brìsa” (crumb), for its typically crumbly texture. As per tradition, this cake is broken with the hands, a practice that not only brings us back our sweet childhood memories, but also creates simple and delicious crumbles that make every little bite an authentic moment of tastiness.

The Sbrisolona cake is certainly the symbol of mantuan pastry. It was created a long time ago and people used to refer to it as the “3 cups cake” because it was made with the same quantity of white flour, yellow flour and sugar.

The cake was particularly appreciated by peasants (thanks to its long storage time) and by new moms during breastfeeding for the presence of the almonds (a symbol of light and rebirth), with their important intake of vitamins and mineral salts, that gave energizing properties to this simple and delicious cake.

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