Extremely crunchy, simply delicious

Our Schiacciatina is perfect for a break during the day, practical to carry with you at work or at school, but that you can also enjoy instead of bread. Crunchy and light thanks to its low caloric intake, it doesn’t contain artificial flavourings or hydrogenated fats. It starts with the Classic one, crunchy as freshly baked, to go on with the Rosemary one that has a delicate flavour for every occasion. There is also the Schiacciatina with Olives, simple and extremely tasty and the Schiacciatina Pizza with a Mediterranean flavour.

You only need to choose the flavour you prefer… we take care of tastiness.

It doesn’t take much to make the schiacciatina a refined snack

Transforming the idea of bread in something new and delicious, good for every occasion wasn’t easy but we made it. Our range of schiacciatina reflects the true mantuan tradition, offering a tasty and crunchy snack able to donate all those flavours dear to our cuisine, but with an original touch.

Cleca Spa

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