Not the usual bread

A breath of fresh air on your table with Focaccia, light and crunchy, perfect to enjoy instead of bread. It is made of a few and simple ingredient, accurately selected: Italian flour, mother yeast and extra vergin olive oil. The dough is expertly handled for a long time to respect the natural rising times, and it is later delicately baked until perfectly golden brown for a very light result.

The authentic taste of simple things

Pan del Duca was born by rediscovering simplicity. We wanted to name it this way as a tribute to the ancient bread recipe that was prepared at the Gonzagas’ court. Served on the nobles’ tables it was the Duca’s (Duke) favourite bread.

A recipe rediscovered after many years, it was lost because known only to one of the bakers who took service in the court’s kitchen, who later left it solely to his family.

Cleca Spa

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