Craving for crunchiness for light moments

To us a snack means a delicious break but healthy too. That is why our Snack are not fried but they are delicately baked, without palm oil and with only natural flavour. That is our secrets for a result of maximum crunchiness. Many different flavours to discover, perfect for many occasions: as a snack, for a break and for an appetizier or to bring on the table.

A true temptation, so good that one lead to another.

The irresistible snack for every hour

Our Scrancy is with you in every moment of the day: when your stomach growls or when you want a delicious snack, for a break at work or at school, to munch on in front of TV and to make your aperitivo special.

We have one for all tastes: from the more refined ones like Mediterranean flavour and Rosemary&Thyme to the stronger ones like Bacon and Ketchup…and you can’t miss the irrestistible one with cheese.

Cleca Spa

Paid-in Capital: € 1.000.000,00 i.v.

Registered Office: Viale Dante Alighieri 30 - 46010 - San Martino dall'Argine (MN)
Administrative Office: Viale Dante Alighieri 30 - 46010 - San Martino dall'Argine (MN)
VAT: 00395030208
Rea: MN 130365

N.Reg.Impr. MN 130365