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we shape bread since 1959

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The ideal snack for any occasion


Crunchy and tasty, low in calories, they satisfy the desire for a snack and they are also perfect as bread substitutes.

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Ideal for amazing aperitivo or to experiment with truly creative appetizers and snacks in the kitchen.

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The irresistible crunchy and light snack for a tantalizing break to taste at any time of the day.

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The artisan sweet that conquers with its authentic flavor and crispness, a dessert that contains a long story to tell.

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Pan del Duca

The original alternative to bread, light and fragrant, as good as freshly baked.

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Only Italian Flours

To obtain the best you have to start from the basis. That is why we select for you only the best Italian ingredients, first and foremost the flour: the one originated from the wheat of our lands and rich in our traditions.

Good for the environment

Not only we are committed to ensure the maximum authenticity and tastiness of our products, but we also pay great attention to what surrounds us in order to be more and more sustainable and good for the environment.

Cleca Spa

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